5 habits of happiness

1. Take up a new hobby
Whether it’s gardening, reading or even bird watching, take time to enjoy your hobbies. If you find that you are too busy, then it’s time you dedicated just an hour a week to your well- being. Find a new hobby gardeningor enjoy an existing one. Learning new skills is essential for a healthy body and mind.

2. Exercise daily
Exercise every day. This is not as difficult as it may seem. Exercise is not all about jogging or going to the gym. The best forms of exercise are the ones you can incorporate into your daily routine. For example, if you drive to work consider parking your car a little further away and walk the rest. Walking is good for all ages and gentler on the joints.

3. Take a moment to meditate
Meditating is not about sitting for hours on end in the lotus position thinking of nothing. It is a way of creating stillness of the mind, enabling you to find some calm in a busy world. If you find it difficult to sit still or are always looking for the nemeditatext job to do, making time in your day to clear your thoughts even if it’s only for 5 minutes will help you relax.

3. Eat well
Eating a varied diet keeps both body and mind healthy. To lead a happy productive life, you need the energy that food provides. We are constantly bombarded by images in the media of the ideal woman or man. However, trying to achieve these unrealistic images will only bring unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Instead, ensure you eat a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables. The occasional treat will do no harm and will ensure you feel you are simply following a healthy lifestyle instead of a diet.

3. Take time for friends and family

Spend time with the people you love and whose company you enjoy. Making time for socialising can be difficult when you are busy at work or home, but this may be when you most need to take a break from your chores. Having supportive friends and family is essential to a healthy and happy life. Whether you enjoy small gatherings or are a real party animal, socialising enables you to share your worries and let off steam.

4. Express gratitude
It seems strange to suggest that being thankful for what you have will make you happier but it comes from looking at the bigger picture. Everyone has something they should be thankful for, whether they enjoy good health, a happy family or a great job. Taking the time to appreciate what you have already achieved instead of worrying about the future will bring you greater happiness.gratitude

5. Set Goals
Setting yourself goals enables you develop as an individual, whether it’s learning a new skill or facing a difficult situation. Try to challenge yourself in your day to day life, learn a new skill or get that new job. Taking time to set yourself goals for the future will give you the opportunity to achieve happiness and success.

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