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Time for a career change? Top 15 happiest jobs

Too often, online searches for the happiest jobs in the world are linked to average salary. Money + happiness is a rare combination, one that takes years of hard work to attain. However, it appears that most top lists for the happiest jobs are directly related to earnings. Despite the fact that money can bring more security and materialistic possessions into your life, it is rarely a key ingredient to a happy life.

Below is a top 15 list of happy and fulfilling jobs. They might not be the wealthiest, but they provide the greatest life satisfaction.

  1. Hair stylists and beauticians

hair stylist

 2. Yoga Instructor
yoga instructor
3. Self-made entrepreneur
happy entrepreneur
4. Gardener
happy gardner
5. Online blogger
online blogger
6. Cake Taster
cake tester
7. Computer Game Tester
game tester
8. Dog walker
dog walker
9. Artist
10. Psychologists
11. Authors
12. Physical Therapists
physical therapist
13. Private Tutors
private tutor happy
14. Life Coach
life coach
15. Musician

Whether you find the above jobs appealing or not, the most satisfying jobs have a few things in common that make for a very happy lifestyle. The happiest jobs are usually found in employment outside of office environments. Jobs that give you the flexibility and work life balance are always rated much higher than more working hours away from home. Being successful and wealthy is an achievement for those who strive to be the best in their profession, however this kind of mind set is rarely conducive of happiness. The happiest jobs allow you to be yourself and free up your time to enjoy other aspects of life. So if you’re feeling creatively stifled, perhaps it’s time to look for a job that is more satisfying and feels less like work.

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